FAQ Lanyards

What Is A Lanyard?

A lanyard is a length of rope or fabric worn around the neck attached to a name tag or photo ID badge. When printed, it can be used as a promotional tool.

What Choices Of Fabrics Are Available?

Lanyards are available in a wide range of fabrics, including cord, silk, webbing, polyester, silicone, cotton, bamboo, PET, nylon etc.

What Does "Full Colour Lanyard Printing" Printing Mean?

Full colour lanyard printing is achieved by using heat transfer sublimation. High quality photographic detail is achieved, but absolute colour accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

What Type Of Graphic File Is Needed For My Artwork?

For the best results we require a vector file. The resolution should be at least 300 dpi. Vector files are created in programs such as Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. All text should be converted to outlines as we may not have the fonts you've used.

What Is Your Smallest Lanyard Order Quantity?

The smallest lanyard order we accept is 20 unprinted and 50 custom printed. Woven lanyards are available for a minimum order of 500 units.

Can I Have My Choice Of Attachments?

Yes. You can choose the fittings you want on your lanyard, and you can choose more than one fitting. Available attachments include swivel hook, alligator clip, carabiner, mobile phone attachment and key ring holder. Attachments can also be combined with a break-away safety feature.

How Quick Can I Get Lanyards?

Unprinted stock lanyards are generally dispatched on the same day. Our standard dispatch time for 1000 lanyards or less printed in Australia is 10 working days. Overseas orders take approximately 2.5 weeks subject to quantity. Rush Orders can be arranged for a fee.

Is There A Lanyard Artwork/Setup Fee?

Yes, but orders over 500 units are free of artwork charges. Types Of Printing

What Does "Screen Printed" Mean?

Screen-printed lanyards are printed one colour at a time. Multiple colours can be printed but are best restricted to 3 colours. Full colour is unavailable. Screen printing works best when the print colour and the fabric colour have a high contrast; for example black on white.

What Does "Woven" Mean?

A woven lanyard is when the graphic design is woven (using fabric) into the base fabric. It's similar to embroidery.

What Does "Sublimation" Mean?

Sublimation creates full colour photographic quality prints and is printed digitally using specific inks designed for sublimation printers onto special coated sublimation paper.
Under high heat (about 220˚C) and intense pressure from an industrial heat press for 1-2 minutes, the printed paper is transferred into (not ONTO) the polyester lanyard fabric. In technical terms, what happens is the top layer of the polyester fabric converts into a gas, allowing the inks to penetrate into the fabric. Once the heat and pressure is released, the gas is converted back to a solid fabric with the print permanently embedded within the fabric. It won't fade, peel, or crack. In fact it feels like it's part of the garment.
Low volume orders are best dealt with using sublimation. Orders of 50 printed lanyards are usually sublimated. Because the process is digital, we keep your artwork on file so repeat orders are easy.

What Does "Digital Transfer" Mean?

This involves taking a high-resolution image and printing the image onto quality transfer paper. We can print images in most formats including PDF, EPS, PSD, PNG and JPG but the quality of the image produced is directly related to the quality of the image supplied, so it is important to supply a high-resolution image. Once the image is on the transfer paper it is then taken and applied using a heat press to the item.