Safety Breakaway Lanyards



When it comes to finding the best safety breakaway lanyards double break lanyards and detachable lanyards, Express Lanyards is your one-stop-shop. Here is the safest and most effective way to identify your business or company name with one convenient detachable lanyard solution. Looking for the very best in quality made lanyards with a safety breakaway? There is a wide selection all here ready and waiting for you. This is where branding, security and safety all come together in the best lanyards on the market.

Why Choose Safety Breakaway Lanyards?

When deciding what makes a safety breakaway lanyard the best lanyard for a job, it all comes down to protecting the lanyard wearer. In certain circumstances, a lanyard can be caught on something and that can bring a risk of injury.

The great thing about safety breakaway lanyards is their ability to break apart and reduce the risk of choking hazards. If the lanyard does catch on anything, the safety function will break away and free the wearer of any danger before it has a chance to become a problem.

We recommend a safety breakaway lanyard as the best lanyard option for most situations, just to be on the safe side.

What Makes Express Lanyards Breakaway Lanyards the Perfect Choice?

Express Lanyards has a great range of safety breakaway and double break lanyard options for you to explore. We always aim to make the whole process stress-free and simple.

Ordering is a smooth and easy process with a range of the very best lanyard sizes and attachments to choose from. They’re all on display and ready to add to your cart. If you can’t find exactly what you’re after, our team is always here to help.

We are proud to be the top name for lanyards and to deliver the very best products to each and every customer.

We are proud to be the top name for lanyards and to deliver the very best products to each and every customer.

Our safety breakaway lanyards are sturdy, and reliable and come with our trusted name behind them. We know you and your team will take pride in wearing a lanyard of quality.

If you need help going with all the different options for your lanyards, just talk to our team of experts. We’re here to take you through the choices available so you get the most effective and appropriate lanyards for your needs.

You can have your brand and name remembered with any of the top-quality lanyards from Express Lanyards.

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