Staff Name Tags, ID and Badges



Do you need a staff name tag, ID or badge for your business or event? We have exactly what you are looking for at Express Lanyards! At Express Lanyards, we have been creating amazing staff name tags and ID badges for business across Australia for many years. We are committed to delivering high-quality name tags and ID badges and take pride in being the Australian leader in this industry. Not only are our name tags and ID badges premium quality, but they are also incredibly affordable! We also have DIY budget options for our name tags and ID badges available for those keeping costs as low as possible.

Our Range of Staff Name Tags and ID Badges

Express Lanyards is the number 1 place to source your staff name tags and ID badges. We have a wide range of staff name tags available including plastic modern name tags with a matt finish, gloss finish staff badges, staff badges with a resin dome and budget DIY plastic name tags. We also offer environmentally friendly options with our eco-friendly bamboo staff budges. With so many high-quality options available you will find the perfect staff name tag on Express Lanyards. Our ID badge range is equally extensive, with metallic staff badges, DIY plastic staff badges and resin dome DIY printed logo staff badges available. You will have no trouble finding the perfect option for you in our ID badge range. Just like our eco-friendly bamboo staff budges, we offer an environmentally friendly bamboo circle 50mm staff badge for those looking for a more sustainable ID badge solution. Browse the full Express Lanyards range of staff name tags and ID badges below.

Shipping Information

The Express Lanyards team is committed to offering simple and efficient shipping on all of our name tag, ID and badge orders. We calculate freight based on your Australian postal code and order weight/volume. For orders under 5kg, we offer a Fixed Price Premium Service with Star Track. To see shipping information specific to your chosen product simply click on your choice and find the shipping information below. You can always get in contact with our friendly team for any additional shipping information you may require.

Ordering Your Staff Name Tags and ID Badges

At Express Lanyards, we make ordering your staff name tags and ID badges as simple as possible. The first step is to browse our range below and choose what option best fits your needs. Once you have made your choice place your order on our site and get in contact with our team for the customisation options for your name tag or ID badges.

Need Help? Contact Express Lanyards

Would you like to enquire further about our range of staff name tags and ID badges? Get in contact with the friendly team at Express Lanyards today! You can call us now on 1300 905 421 or email us at We are always more than happy to help you choose the perfect staff name tag and ID badge for your needs.