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Red Lanyards

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Project an image of energy, power and passion with our selection of red lanyards in bulk. Our selection, featuring both vibrant and plain red lanyards, is designed to make a bold statement, ensuring your team or event attendees stand out with confidence and style. 

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The colour red is recognised for its vitality and strength and is associated with iconic brands Coca-Cola and Netflix, making it an ideal choice for various settings, from corporate events to educational institutions. Red is also associated with safety warnings which is why red lanyards are also a popular choice for trade businesses and in healthcare environments.

White lanyards and black lanyards in bulk are the perfect blank canvas for your branding, but opting for a red lanyard not only enhances visibility but also symbolises energy and action, traits that are essential in fostering a lively and productive environment.

Looking to stock up? Why not buy red lanyards in bulk online from Express Lanyards?

This option not only provides significant cost savings but also ensures you have a consistent supply of high-quality, durable lanyards. Our bulk purchase option for red lanyards is ideal for organisations seeking to maintain a uniform look while maximising value.

Order red lanyards today and embrace the power of colour to convey your brand’s energy, passion, and commitment to excellence.