Pink Lanyards


Pink Lanyards

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Playful, positive and feminine – lanyards in pink are the ideal colour for when you want to add a touch of warmth to corporate events, brighten up your daily office wear, or elevate your brand at an upcoming event.

Order Pink Lanyards in Bulk 

When you buy pink lanyards in bulk from Express Lanyards, you can choose from a range from subtle shades to vibrant hot pink lanyards. Our collection ensures that your team or event attendees will stand out, radiating energy and positivity.

Opting for pink lanyards brings an undeniable burst of colour, perfect for creating a memorable impression and fostering a lively atmosphere, just like our range of purple lanyards and green lanyards in bulk.

Each lanyard in our collection is designed with both style and functionality in mind, ensuring your IDs, badges, or keys are always accessible in the most fashionable way.

For organisations looking to stock up, the option to buy pink lanyards in bulk is an excellent choice. At Express Lanyards, we understand the importance of combining cost-effectiveness with quality. Purchasing in bulk not only secures a valuable deal but also equips your team with durable, high-quality accessories that reflect your brand’s dynamic spirit.

Choose Express Lanyards for your pink lanyard needs and embrace the perfect blend of functionality, style, and spirited flair, all wrapped up in one essential accessory.