Where to buy the best Australian Made sublimated lanyards?


What Is a Sublimated Lanyard?

If you are familiar with the lanyard and ever had one before, then this won’t be difficult to understand.

A lanyard is used to carry an item (usually something special) by providing you with a strap or cord that easily fits around your neck, shoulder, or wrist. These are often used by people who have ID cards or security passes they must carry around their neck.

The original lanyards of years gone by were nothing more than a single-coloured rope or strap, but many businesses and organisations have seen the potential for something more and are choosing sublimated lanyards. These are cords or ropes embedded with a logo, words, or some other type of trademark embedded inside the lanyard to give an incredibly sharp appearance.

These days, sublimated lanyards give you the opportunity for a clever branding item, an inspirational piece, or a proud emblem of the company or the cause you support.

Getting the Perfect Lanyard

Not all lanyards are the same or of the same quality.

Australian-made sublimated lanyards are some of the very best you are going to find. You want a trusted name in the lanyard game. After all, there is your reputation on the line.

Along with quality, you want variety and flexibility when you order.

It’s important that the lanyards you go with are printed in the highest quality full-colour, and there are special rates for quantities of 50+ printed lanyards. Many companies do not offer discounted rates for anything less than a few hundred lanyards. That can be a sticking point where you could be caught paying for something that you don’t need.

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There’s one name in the lanyard business that can look after you with true quality products and the best in customer service.

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Does that mean that you will lose out on any of the quality? Not with Express Lanyards looking after you.

Our staff are the very best in the business, and we provide the highest quality control when it comes to ensuring you get the lanyard of choice.

Whether you want to go with your own logo or have us design one for you, we will provide you with an exceptional lanyard for you and your organisation.

Why Choose Australian Made Sublimated Lanyards

The reasons for going with us are straightforward because we provide:

  • Full-colour, high-quality printed lanyards
  • The highest quality control ensures you get the products you desire
  • Special rates for small order quantities
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When it comes to the best in sublimated lanyards, conference name tags, and ID cards & badges, there’s only one name you need to know.

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