Why Branded Lanyards work and why no business should do without them


If you are a business looking for something that really can make your organisation stand out, then branded lanyards are a great way to go. There’s a simple reason why branded lanyards work – they put a name and logo in front of people every single day.

The strongest selling point of any business is to be remembered. Any chance to have your name out there is an opportunity too good to miss. That’s exactly why branded lanyards work so well in keeping your brand top of mind.

The Ongoing Power of Branded Lanyards

Companies can spend thousands of dollars on everything from signage to billboards in an effort to get their name out there. The interesting thing is that there is a simple everyday item that has a longer and stronger selling power for the brand.

That’s where branded lanyards come into the picture and are a great way to have a name or logo be seen everywhere you go.

Suppose you require employees to carry identification badges around their necks, or you have instances where bags, luggage, or other items are controlled using straps are cords. In that case, the lanyard is the perfect way to help your company stand out.

You may be wondering why it is important to use one of these lanyards. After all, you could very easily just use a common strap or lanyard that you purchased from a store. Why go with a branded lanyard? That is an excellent question and the answer might surprise you.

A Great Way to Identify Yourself

The truth is that there are many great reasons why you should want quality custom lanyards.

First of all, they are a visible product that everyone recognises. This is great for employees, customers, and potential customers.

  • For employees, they can usually wear your company name or logo around their neck, adding a sense of pride in where they work.
  • For customers, they immediately recognise employees and know who can assist them.
  • For potential customers, they have something that helps to quickly identify your brand.

Creating brand credibility is extremely important, and that’s what custom lanyards do for you. People quickly identify with a visible logo, and one hung around someone’s neck is easily recognisable. You could even give these away to customers. They are then wearing your brand, providing free advertising for you.

Not Just Any Branded Lanyards

Having a quality lanyard made by Australian Made Sublimated Lanyards ensures you are getting a durable, long-lasting product. This is something that can be worn for years because only the highest quality materials are used. This includes the lanyard’s sublimated branding, ensuring that the logo, trademark, or words remain embedded in the lanyard for an extended period of time.

Plus, a lanyard allows you to get creative.

You can add your company logo, a new product, a cliché or other moniker type that will help promote your brand. Maybe it’s your company’s anniversary, a recognition of the success of a particular store, or some kind of customer appreciation event. No matter what the case may be, you can get that message out through the power of branded lanyards.

What you will find is that this is a perfect way to reach customers and employees. They add a sense of pride as employees and customers will love putting them on. Plus, they are functional, so you know people will be wearing them.

That’s why branded lanyards work and keep on working for years.


Choose Australian Made Sublimated Lanyards

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